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tape trick-for perfect winged liner

Happy Monday to ya….hope y’all had a fabulous weekend!!!  A few posts ago, I made reference to something I call “the tape method” and I said that I would do a follow up showing how to do it.  Well…it is super easy and I probably just could have easily explained it using my words–but who doesn’t like pictures to go with?  This is simply going to show you another way to apply winged liner if you have a difficult time getting a “perfect” wing or if you don’t have steady hands.  A few considerations:  If you have sensitive skin, don’t put tape on it!  You can also do this by holding a business card or something with a hard edge up diagonally against your eye….I would have shown this instead of tape but it is a wee bit difficult to hold a business card up to your eye and photograph it at the same time :::only have so many hands:::.

products used:

Tape and Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in “Blackest Black”.  Not pictured: Thin eyeliner brush

step 1:

Apply a piece of tape underneath the eye so that it is pointed towards the end of the brow.  If you want a less angled wing then angle it further down—it is up to you.  The placement of your tape is going to dictate the angle of your wing.  You may want to hold off applying your under eye concealer and foundation because the tape is going to take it off wherever it is placed.  Your piece of tape does not need to be this long-I was just showing it for effect.  Wherever you place it, make sure that it is pressed against your skin so that when you apply your liner none of it bleeds through.  It should look something like this:

step 2:

Apply your gel liner to the upper lash line from the inner corner to the end of your eye….don’t worry if it is a little messy-we are just getting the base and will even it out later.  Now apply the “Wing” part by following the line  that the tape created…don’t worry about making a perfectly straight line-that is what the tape is is going to make one for you.  It will look something like this:

step 3:

Remove the tape.  Now “fill in your wing” –you can see how to do this by checking out step 5 of this tutorial.  Apply your fake eyelashes, (I used Kiss Ever Pro #05 lashes) and go over any excess glue with gel liner.  Apply some mascara to blend your real lashes into your fake lashes.  Your final product will look something like this:
and this:
As I said, if your skin is a little sensitive for tape, use something with a flat edge like a business card to place your wing.  Using tape can also create a killer eye look…I will do a post on that soon!!!  Hope this helps if you have had a difficult time creating the perfect wing!


Hey beauties! 
We asked and you answered...a ton of people requested a tutorial for winged liner. To start off - no matter how many tutorials you check out, winged liner is one of those things that really just takes practice. Don't get discouraged, yo. Moving along...
It's good to know how to use different types of formulas of eyeliners - mostly because that way you will find your fave. You may find some formulas easier to use than others, and everyone is different. Here's a break down on liners:
Liquid:  Requires a steady hand, applies the darkest and most intense, and has the sharpest lines. Use this for a very crisp liner. Takes slightly longer to dry, sometimes resulting in transfer onto the lid (the worst thing ever). Easiest to apply over top of glitter/textured eyeshadow. 
Our fave liquids: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner  ($20)
                          Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liner ($7.50) 
Gel/Cream:  Easier to use than liquid for most people, with similar looking results. Dries fairly quickly and has awesome staying power for most. Can be blended out for a smokey look or applied normally to look crisp.
Our fave gels:  MAC Fluidline ($16)
                       Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner  ($10)
Pencil: Best for smokey liner, can be applied directly or with a brush. Offers a softer looking liner, staying power varies by brand. Sometimes tends to transfer on the lid. Pencils vary in softness, making it harder to apply the less soft/creamy they are. 
Our fave pencils:  Marc Jacobs Highliner ($25)
                           NYX Slide On Waterproof Pencils ($8)
A couple quick tips...
  • When applying liner, look down into the mirror, rather than closing your eyes or pulling on your eye. Chin tilted upwards, look directly down into the mirror, rather than straight on.
  • Your brush/pencil should be closer to parallel with your eye rather than perpendicular to it. If you find that you are having difficulties getting a straight line, this may be a big part of it. You basically want to use the edge of your brush/pencil rather than the tip to apply your liner. 
  • Keep your liner brush clean for easier/smoother application.  
Line your first mark up with your lower lash line, as if the first mark was an extension of the bottom lash line. Place your brush/pencil at the outer corner of the line, and in one smooth and slow movement, glide the pencil/brush upwards as high as you want. 
Starting at the top tip of your first mark, drag your brush/pencil down, toward the iris. This doesn't have to look perfect right now. 
Starting at the inner corner, apply your liner as close to the lashline as possible, meeting up with your second mark.
Fill in the empty area. Just fill that shit up.
Clean up any edges with concealer/makeup remover on a concealer brush.
Add lashes/mascara and call it a day. Fierce.

Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

I’ll admit it – I’m a HUGE fan of winged liner. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small wing or a dramatic wing… I’m all about it. That’s why I’m so excited that Ange asked me to share my technique with you all because it is SO easy. Seriously! If you’ve ever been intimidated by winged liner in the past you can officially get rid of those fears because I’m here to tell you that you can get it done with two lines. 

Winged Eyeliner Tutorial
Yep! Only two lines. This tutorial follows the natural shape of your eyes so you get a perfect look each time. It can be customized as well but when I’m in a hurry this is the quickest, easiest, and most fool proof way I can create a dramatic eye look.

The first thing you want to do is draw a line up from the outer corner of your bottom lashes. How high you go will depend on the height of your “wing tip” so keep that in mind! I like to start with a shorter line because it helps to make sure that both eyes are even. By following the natural angle of your lower lash line you can reduce the chances that your wings will be unbalanced. For tutorial purposes we’ll go ahead and call this “Line #1.”
Winged Eyeliner Tutorial
The second line (otherwise known as “Line #2”) is drawn from the inner corner of your eye straight out to meet the tip of line #1. It sounds crazy but by drawing a straight line you’ll naturally create a wing on the outer corner of the eye. Since the eye is oval in shape your wing will start where the oval starts to round down in the outer corner. Connect Line #2 to Line #1 and you’re done!
After connecting your lines fill in the triangle and apply mascara. You’ve officially mastered the winged eyeliner look!
Winged Eyeliner Tutorial
As far as products go I personally LOVE to use an eyeliner pen stylo for winged liner because it’s a one stop shop. The pen is easy to hold and I don’t have to keep dipping my brush into a pot of product and disrupt my winged eyeliner mojo. My absolute favorite eyeliner pen is made by Alcone at Home and it’s awesome! It’s got a perfect formula, dark pigmentation and a perfect brush so it really makes this technique a breeze.
Winged Eyeliner Tutorial
Are you a winged liner lover like myself? Have you been nervous to try this technique? Comment below and let me know!

A Step-By-Step Guide To Perfect Winged Eyeliner In 2 Minutes!

In preparation for my future tutorials, today I will be showing you a simple, quick and effective way to achieve flicked, winged eyeliner. Scroll down for instructions and photos!
The use of eyeliner dates back to the Ancient Egyptians as early as 10,000 BC, where a black line of kohl was applied all around the eyes of both women and men. The eyeliner was used for not only cosmetic purposes, but to protect the sensitive skin of the eyes from the desert sun. It was also believed that lining the eyes with kohl (which was made from lead sulfide or antimony, among other ingredients) offered protection against the evil eye.
In the 1950s and 1960s the cat-eye, winged eyeliner look became extremely prominent. Glamour icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Andy Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick rocked the winged eyeliner. The trend is extremely popular today  with many celebrities favouring the look.
Let’s get started:
You will need two angled brushes, gel/cream/liquid eyeliner and some concealer.
To begin, add foundation, concealer and/or eyeshadow primer to the eyelid and around the eye. This eliminates any redness and creates a nice base for the liner.
Take one of your angled brushes and dip it into your gel/cream eyeliner. Apply an ample amount to the brush, and then use the back of your hand as a canvas to mould the tip of the brush into a sharp point.
Using your brush, make a line from the outer corner of your eye. This line will determine the size of your ‘flick’. Pull your eye taut to achieve a smooth line.
Go from the inner corner of your eyelid and apply the liner close to your lash line. Again, pull your eye taut to get a smooth, straight line.
Join up the eyeliner that goes along the top of your eye, to the line you created from the outer corner of your eye.
Fill in any gaps with some more eyeliner. Use small strokes, as they are easier to control than big, thick strokes. If you feel that you need a sharper flick, or you have made a mistake – use a clean angled brush with some concealer as an eraser.
Apply mascara and kohl eyeliner to the waterline (if you wish!)


Applying winged eyeliner is difficult, even for those who apply it every day. I've been winging my eyeliner since I was around 14 or 15 years old, and I still don't get it right on many days.

There are so many methods for applying winged eyeliner, but today, I'm going to over the way I typically like to apply pen style eyeliners. I find that when I use this method, my liner turns out perfect every time! And, it's super quick!

The eyeliner I'm using in this mini tutorial is my one of my favorite eyeliners - the Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum. It's incredibly easy to use, the tip is perfectly shaped for a thin, precise line and it never dries out or frays.

Beautysets - Perfect Winged Eyeliner Every Time!

Step 1: In the first photo I started out with a clean eye. Typically, the ideal time to apply eye liner is after your eye shadow and before your mascara. (For the records, I'm wearing mascara for this tutorial, but it's much easier to apply eyeliner without mascara, as your lashes won't get in the way as much.) *If your eyelids are prone to getting oily, powder your lids and apply an eye shadow base.
Step 2: Examine where you want to start your wing. Use your bottom lashline as a reference. In photo #2 you can see the arrow going from my bottom lashline extending diagonally outward. You almost want it to look like a continuance of your lower lashline.
Step 3: With the tip of the liner touching the very end of your upper lashline, draw a thin diagonal line (45 degree angle) upward as shown in photo #3. It should be going in the direction of where your eyebrow ends.

Step 4: Now, with your one eye closed (the eye you're applying liner to), put your pointer finger (of your left hand if you're right-handed) on your brow bone and slightly pull your lid upward so your skin is slightly taut. With your other hand, starting from the top of the wing, draw a straight line ending at the middle of your lid. Think of it as there being an invisible ruler from the end of the wing that connects to the middle of your lashline. You want to trace that invisible ruler. (See in photo below.)

Step 5: Now, fill inside the lines as shown in photo #6.
Step 6: All that is left is continuing lining your full lashline. It's up to you if you'd like it to be thick or thin. I like drawing a thin line towards the beginning of my lashline, so it looks like the line is getting thicker towards the end of my eye.

That's it!

If you need to clean up the edge to make your lines crisp, use a small angled or liner brush and dip it in your favorite concealer (or makeup remover) and trace along the edges.

You can experiment as you'd wish in making the wing longer, curved or angled higher.

I sometimes like snipping some false lashes in half and applying them to the outer edges of my eyes to further elongate my eyes, giving the ultimate cat-eye look!

Learn more at:

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5 Tricky Beauty Techniques Made Easy

We asked what intimidates you most about beauty, and you answered: wearing red lipstick, committing to a new hairstyle, waxing your legs, wearing false eyelashes and applying liquid eyeliner. But don’t fear: Follow our step-by-step guides, and you’ll learn how to get each look right.
1. Red Lipstick
“I shy away from red lipstick because I’m afraid it’s too flashy and will make me look like a clown.”—Kielin Greeley, 40, Tenafly, NJ
If you’re used to wearing muted colors, a rich, saturated red may seem too bold for anything but special occasions. But red lipstick is weekday-wearable, says Poppy King, founder of Lipstick Queen Cosmetics. The trick: pinpointing the shade that works best for you. (See King’s recommendations, below.)
Application Tip
“Paint on color with a lipbrush,” suggests King. “This allows you to control the amount of color you’re using for a more subtle look.” Dab the brush onto the tip of your lipstick and lightly sweep it onto your lips, working from the center outward to the edges.
A handy guide to choosing the red that complements your skin tone:
Light Skin: Cool blue-based reds like Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipcolor in Red Revival ($7.49; at drugstores) will enhance your rosy complexion.
Dark Skin: Pick a red with a touch of brown to highlight the warm hints of caramel in your skin. Try Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Crimson ($8.99; at drugstores).
Medium Skin: Go for an orangey shade such as CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolor in Hot ($6.50; at drugstores), which will reflect the yellow undertones in your skin. Photo: Todd Huffman/Woman's Day

2. New Hairstyle
“I want to try a different look, but I don’t know how to explain to my stylist exactly what I want.”—Karen McCalla, 42, Wichita, KS
Avoid a hair “don’t” by speaking your stylist’s language. Luis Alvarez, stylist and cofounder of the Aquage hair care line, gives the real meaning behind commonly misused salon phrases.
“Thin it out." “This will prompt your stylist to remove large amounts of hair with thinning shears or a razor,” says Alvarez. The problem: If you have fine hair, thinning can make it look lifeless. Instead, discuss challenges you’re having (“My hair looks too thick and puffy!”) so your stylist can come up with a cut that solves your problem.
“Take a little off the ends.” “When a stylist hears this, she’ll evaluate your cut and chop off whatever she feels is necessary to reshape it,” Alvarez explains. Unless you’re specific, she may cut more than you had in mind.
“I want highlights.” These lighter streaks are meant to create a multidimensional color effect. But, Alvarez explains, “there are several options.” A half-head of highlights means your colorist will lighten select strands just beyond your crown to your forehead; a full head also includes the strands that rest against the nape of your neck. Face-framing highlights are concentrated along your crown and hairline.
“Hide my wrinkles.” Say this and your stylist may assume you want blunt-cut bangs that, literally, cover forehead wrinkles—when maybe all you need is a cut that softens your features. “Ask for face-framing layers instead,” says Alvarez. Photo: Todd Huffman/Woman's Day

3. Waxing
“I know waxing lasts longer than shaving, but the process seems difficult and painful.”—Eileen Wharton, 48, Mesa, AZ
“Waxing can be simple and pain-free,” says Cindy Barshop, owner of hair removal spa Completely Bare.
Her Tips:
Before You Wax
• Exfoliate with a sugar-based scrub. This prevents breakouts by removing dead skin around your hair follicles.
• Clean the area with a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel. “This astringent will remove excess oil so wax sticks properly,” Barshop explains.
• Before applying wax, pull skin taut. “That makes it easier to remove the strip in one clean motion,” she says.
After You Wax 
• Remove leftover wax by dipping a cotton ball in baby oil and swiping it over the area. The oil lubricates your skin so residue will easily slip off.
• “If you’ve waxed your lip, don’t use antiaging products for 24 hours,” warns Barshop. Freshly waxed skin is sensitive to the ingredients in these products. Photo: Todd Huffman/Woman's Day

4. False Lashes
“I see false eyelashes in all the stores, but won’t wearing them make me look, well, fake?”—Irene Ahlberg, 61, Woburn, MA
It may take a few tries, but once you master this easy application technique from Courtney Akai, founder of Courtney Akai Lash Boutique in New York City, you’ll have full, natural-looking lashes.
1. Curl lashes with Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Defining Eye Lash Curler ($8.99; Apply a coat of mascara (like L’OrĂ©al Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara in Carbon Black, $8.95; at drugstores) to make existing lashes cling together so you can see sparse areas where you should apply falsies.
2. Pick up a box of individual false lashes (such as NP Set Eyelashes, Copenhagen, $10; The package should include a tiny bottle of glue and several small groupings of individual lashes. Dab a small drop of the glue onto the back of your hand.
3. With slanted tweezers (like Sally Hansen Easy Tweezy Comfort Grip Slant Tip Tweezer, $9.49; at drugstores), grasp a single lash grouping, making sure the rounded ball base points away from you. Dip the base into the glue and wait 10 seconds for it to become tacky.
4. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, place a lash along your top lashline. Let dry for 10 seconds. Continue applying lashes (three to five more at most) inward until you’ve reached the center of your eye. Photo: Todd Huffman/Woman's Day

5. Liquid Eyeliner
“I like the idea of liquid eyeliner, but it seems hard to use.”—Maureen Diederich, 46, Shaker Heights, OH
Liquid liner lasts longer than pencil liner, dries on contact and has a fine tip that lets you draw a precise line, says Eve Pearl, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Eve Pearl Cosmetics. Her foolproof method for three liner looks:
Classic Eye: Starting in the center of your top lashline, dot liner between lashes, moving toward the outer corner. “The dots should be close together so it looks like a line, but you won’t have to keep your hand as steady,” says Pearl.

Cat Eye: Draw a thin line from the center of your upper lashline to the outer corner, curving it upward at the end toward your temple. Repeat with a line directly above, then fill in any gaps between the two lines.

Smoky Eye: Starting in the center of your top lashline, use the tip of the liner to draw a thin line toward the inner corner. Use the side of the tip to make a thicker line from the middle to the outer corner. Then use the tip to draw a thin line along your bottom lashes. Photos: Grant Cowan/Woman's Day

The Beginner’s Guide To Liquid Eyeliner

Confession: Until two weeks ago, I had no idea how to apply liquid eyeliner without looking like I’d battled it out with a Sharpie. As a beauty lover, I consider it my responsibility to master as many makeup-looks as possible, and not knowing how to create the perfect Adele cat-eye was eating away at me. As it turns out, lots of women struggle with liquid liner, so I made it my goal to conquer this look once and for all. Here is what I want all my fellow liquid eyeliner-beginners to know:

1. It’s makeup; you can take it off. And you’ll probably have to practice a few times before you get the hang of liquid liner, so don’t try applying it 15 minutes before the hottest date of your life.
2. Not all liquid liner looks have to be thick, like the late Amy Winehouse’s; you can create a simple day cat-eye too. Just make sure to have your elbow set on a sturdy surface when you apply the product. A stable arm is key.
3. If you’re going for an evening look, it helps to trace the shape you want with an eye pencil first. Then go over it with a liquid liner.
4. If you’re shooting for a day look, don’t start the application at the inner corner of your eye; rather begin two-thirds of the way onto your lid. You can always come back and add more.
5. The best way to get a precise, even look is by creating small, dotted lines across your lid. Then, once you have the right shape, come back and fill in the open spaces, paint-by-numbers-style. Something about thinly spaced lines really helps you concentrate on a clean look.
6. In my experience, your lid feels like it ends long before it actually does. My recommendation is to keep applying eyeliner past the length of your eyebrow. You can always remove the excess, but it can be really hard to lengthen a liquid line with precision if you’ve stopped too soon.
7. Don’t know which product to buy? For beginners, I prefer a felt-tipped pen like Sonia Kashuk Jet Set Liquid Liner ($6, Target stores), just because it’s sturdier. Once you’re comfortable with that, you can graduate on to a thin brush, but until then, stick with the foolproof products.
Do you have any tips to master liquid liner? Tell us you tricks!


  1. Using the cleanser that is suitable for your skin type put an amount the size of a 5p coin on a spatula or in the palm of your (clean) hands.
  2. Using upward strokes, massage into the skin. Cleansers are designed to flush out the pores. Massage in upward strokes also ensure you are going against ‘gravity’ and the direction of fine lines, to help smooth them out. Cleansing is important even if you don’t wear makeup.
  3. Remove cleanser according to the cleanser instructions, which is with a dampened muslin or facecloth, or if you are using a wash-off cleanser, rinse clear with warm water.
  4. Note - At the end of your day, if you are wearing eye makeup, use GO EASY Gentle Eye Makeup Remover first, then cleanse the rest of your face.
  5. Tip – in a spa facials, we always double cleanse. So on special spa-at-home days, why not do a double cleanse too!
Many people mistakenly skip this product, but think of it like this: would you miss the rinse cycle out of your washing machine? Of course not. Likewise with a good toner such as TONING ESSENCE– it’s the ‘rinse cycle’ of your skincare routine.
  1. Spray toner onto a fresh piece of dampened cotton wool pad.
  2. Wipe over face and neck.
  1. Apply 1-2 (light) pumps of your favourite moisturiser onto your fingers.
  2. Massage upward and outward all over the face and neck. Makeup can be applied over this now.
  3. In the evening (before bed), or on a rest day, you could replace your normal moisturizer with REPOSE aromatherapy resting . Massage in long upward circular strokes. Inhale the gorgeous aroma as you do, and have a great night’s sleep!
Now is the time to apply any special attention products that you want to use. Here are our favourites:
  1. EXALT firming neck gel – Put a 5p amount on the back of your hand. Rub the backs of your hands together and stroke or roll them up your neck, smoothing out the skin with the flat part of the back of your hands as you go.
  2. BE STRONG strengthening treatment serum - pump once onto your finger (a little goes a long way), then with both hands, press gently into the face and neck. The serum is quickly absorbed, and there is no need to massage it in.
  3. WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment – apply one drop onto your wedding finger, then tap lightly into the skin around your eye (not on the actual lid itself).
  4. Self Defence spf30 for face – if you are going to be spending any time outdoors, its always a good idea to apply your spf now. Using only a very light layer, massage upwards and outwards. A moisturiser can be applied over the top, or you can use the Self Defence as your moisturiser for the day.
One a week, before you do step 2 (Tone), take time out to give yourself a FACIAL MASK or SCRUB. You might like to even do this in a warm bath, as the steamy atmosphere and having your feet slightly higher than your head, all add to the benefits.  Light a candle (e.g. CHERISH THE LOVE or SIESTA FOREVER), pour some bathing oil into the bath (e.g. SOUL RETREAT or DRIFT AWAY), perform:
  1. As per instructions above for daily routine.
  1. Apply a fine layer all over the skin, steering clear of the eyes. If using a scrub-mask such as The Power Breakfast or Breakfast Smoothie, gently massage with circular/upward moving strokes.
  2. Leave on your face, and then slide into the bath and relax.
  3. Remove after 20 minutes with a warm face cloth.
 STEP 3: Perform steps 2-3 as per daily routine.

Basics of a Good Skin Care Routine

It is fantastic that you are all so inspired by the great makeup tutorials that Marlena and the many other Makeup Geeks have done for us all, but what is just as important is taking that same great care of your skin.
Especially with all the fabulous makeup products we are trying, it is important to make sure our skin is in prime condition to cope with the demands that these products will put on our skin.
Here are some basic steps for us all to look at with our daily and weekly routines – I am not going to talk about using specific brands but I will talk of product types that are widely available in most parts of the world…

Step 1 – Cleaning

Use a good quality cleansing product that will remove any remaining traces of makeup from the day/night before. Make sure that the cleanser is one designed for your skin type, as using the wrong type can cause as many problems as it solves.

Makeup Remover

For the most stubborn waterproof makeup, I recommend an oil based makeup remover. There are lots on the market and you don’t need to spend a lot of money in this area to get an effective makeup remover.

Step 2 – Tone

Most toners will help to remove any last traces of makeup and cleanser and will also restore the natural PH balance to your skin.

Step 3 – Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a process that removes dead skin cells from the top layer of skin, allowing new rejuvenated skin to surface and may help improve the appearance of fine lines and mild acne.

Step 4 – Moisturize

This is the final step of your daily routine and getting the right moisturizer is cornerstone of good skin care. Moisturizing forms a barrier between the skin and environmental conditions. It also helps to form a fine, protective layer that enables the skin to retain the moisture it requires. Moisturizing is essential for all skin types including oily skin.

Points to Remember:

Each of us has different and unique skin. so what is right for one person may not be the best for another person, so we need to identify the right product for us.
Please see the full version of this article “Basics of a Good Skincare Routine” where you can post questions and see further recommendations and tips for each step.
I have done lots of research on many different brands so if you do have specific question on individual brands give me a shout.