Tuesday, 21 January 2014


  1. Using the cleanser that is suitable for your skin type put an amount the size of a 5p coin on a spatula or in the palm of your (clean) hands.
  2. Using upward strokes, massage into the skin. Cleansers are designed to flush out the pores. Massage in upward strokes also ensure you are going against ‘gravity’ and the direction of fine lines, to help smooth them out. Cleansing is important even if you don’t wear makeup.
  3. Remove cleanser according to the cleanser instructions, which is with a dampened muslin or facecloth, or if you are using a wash-off cleanser, rinse clear with warm water.
  4. Note - At the end of your day, if you are wearing eye makeup, use GO EASY Gentle Eye Makeup Remover first, then cleanse the rest of your face.
  5. Tip – in a spa facials, we always double cleanse. So on special spa-at-home days, why not do a double cleanse too!
Many people mistakenly skip this product, but think of it like this: would you miss the rinse cycle out of your washing machine? Of course not. Likewise with a good toner such as TONING ESSENCE– it’s the ‘rinse cycle’ of your skincare routine.
  1. Spray toner onto a fresh piece of dampened cotton wool pad.
  2. Wipe over face and neck.
  1. Apply 1-2 (light) pumps of your favourite moisturiser onto your fingers.
  2. Massage upward and outward all over the face and neck. Makeup can be applied over this now.
  3. In the evening (before bed), or on a rest day, you could replace your normal moisturizer with REPOSE aromatherapy resting . Massage in long upward circular strokes. Inhale the gorgeous aroma as you do, and have a great night’s sleep!
Now is the time to apply any special attention products that you want to use. Here are our favourites:
  1. EXALT firming neck gel – Put a 5p amount on the back of your hand. Rub the backs of your hands together and stroke or roll them up your neck, smoothing out the skin with the flat part of the back of your hands as you go.
  2. BE STRONG strengthening treatment serum - pump once onto your finger (a little goes a long way), then with both hands, press gently into the face and neck. The serum is quickly absorbed, and there is no need to massage it in.
  3. WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment – apply one drop onto your wedding finger, then tap lightly into the skin around your eye (not on the actual lid itself).
  4. Self Defence spf30 for face – if you are going to be spending any time outdoors, its always a good idea to apply your spf now. Using only a very light layer, massage upwards and outwards. A moisturiser can be applied over the top, or you can use the Self Defence as your moisturiser for the day.
One a week, before you do step 2 (Tone), take time out to give yourself a FACIAL MASK or SCRUB. You might like to even do this in a warm bath, as the steamy atmosphere and having your feet slightly higher than your head, all add to the benefits.  Light a candle (e.g. CHERISH THE LOVE or SIESTA FOREVER), pour some bathing oil into the bath (e.g. SOUL RETREAT or DRIFT AWAY), perform:
  1. As per instructions above for daily routine.
  1. Apply a fine layer all over the skin, steering clear of the eyes. If using a scrub-mask such as The Power Breakfast or Breakfast Smoothie, gently massage with circular/upward moving strokes.
  2. Leave on your face, and then slide into the bath and relax.
  3. Remove after 20 minutes with a warm face cloth.
 STEP 3: Perform steps 2-3 as per daily routine.