Friday, 26 July 2013

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

The MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is a one-step application of foundation and powder which gives skin a smooth, flawless, all-matte, full-coverage finish. It's Long-wearing and will lasts for up to eight hours.  The choice of professionals, and a long time favorite of M∙A∙C fans which is why it's an all time best seller.

The MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is a legendary powder foundation and it's one of the first products that most have ever tried from MAC; it really is a dream come true for normal to oily skinned ladies.

The Packaging

The MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation comes in a superb little compact that looks slick and professional in any lady's makeup bag/handbag. The casing is robust, although to be fair most are careful with their make up anyway. The MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation will also come with a tiny mirror and a little hidden part on the bottom with a sponge for application in it. You will also find that MAC sell these sponges and they are a favorite makeup artist tool, so it's fair to say that it really is a plus point.

The Product

The powder is silky, smooth and glides on easily and covers beautifully. For a powder, its one of the most pigmented foundations available on the market today; it's not the best selling MAC product for no reason!.  It’s particularly helpful for those with discolorations (spots, acne scars, redness, etc) it's a skin care miracle for those with oily skin simply because it leaves a super matte and perfect finish to the skin. It’s light as air, allowing your skin to breath which is a huge problem for many people who hate using liquid foundations.  The shade range from MAC is equally impressive and you can rest assured because there's a right shade for every one. Most people like how you can control the coverage, using a fluffy powder brush for a light hint of color or the sponge for a full coverage finish. When using a powder foundation in your makeup routine, exfoliation and hydration are equally important no matter what your skin type is and if you do see a bit of dryness we recommend another best seller which is the MAC Volcanic Ash skin exfoliater or a hydrating spray like MAC Fix+ and you won't be disappointed with the results.

Which Shade Of The MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Is Right For me? 

In addition to the number, each shade of the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation has letters appointed to it. The letters fit in with the undertones of your skin. The following letters are used:

  • C Cool: makeup foundation for yellow or olive complexions
  • NC Neutral Cool: makeup foundation or golden and beige skin
  • N Neutral: makeup foundation for beige skin
  • NW Neutral Warm: makeup foundation for pink beige skin
  • W Warm: makeup foundation for pinkish skin

People with golden and yellow skin tones should go for C shades of and W shades are best for people with pink skin tones. If you are confused about what skin tone you have, the best thing to do is look at the veins in your forearm. People with pink skin tones generally have very blue veins and people with yellow skin tones have greener veins.
You don't have to choose the MAC shade that corresponds with your skin tone especially if your skin tone leans too far in one direction, you may want to balance it by choosing a shade in the opposite direction. For example, if your skin has a lot of red tones, you may prefer to understate it by going for neutral cool shade or cool shade, hence you have yet another reason to visit the makeup counter and experiment and try different ideas.

The MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Evens complextion
  • Absorbs oil
  • Smooth when applying and not patchy 
  • Matte! Matte! Matte! Some powder foundations are not 100% this one is
  • Not thick at all and offers a perfect amount of consistency for being a good powder foundation
  • Long lasting
  • Creates flawless looking skin

The MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Cons:

  • It can be slightly messy at times but this will depend on which application you use