Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Maybelline New Color Whispers 2013

'Sometimes A Whisper Says More Than A Shout'  The Maybelline New Color Whispers lipstick is one of the newest lip products that Maybelline have to offer. The New Color whispers lipsticks have a three in one hybrid formula that’s part gloss, part balm and part lipstick, so its obvious that it covers all the aspects we could ever want in a lipstick. They offer an opaque fuller coverage to Revlon’s Lip Butters which makes them a 'must have' for any makeup bag out there.  They moisturize lips with a water based formula that leave lips feeling cooler and fresher for a solid four to five hours without fading or losing their hydrating factor. The Maybelline New Color Whispers Lipsticks do add a bit of shine, but nothing overpowering. Lets say the perfect amount of shine!

The Maybelline New Color Whispers Lipsticks are the answer to the Revlon Lip Butters lipstick/lip balm hybrids. They deliver a lip color that offers clarity and hydration unlike your average lipstick which is what makes them such a unique product.

Maybelline's claims:

  • "Soft, sexy, see through color.
  • "Just a kiss of shine."
  • "No heavy waxes or oils."
  • "Pure color pigment surrounded in weightless gel."
  • "Get truly translucent gel color."
Although The Maybelline New Color Whispers Lipsticks have some similarities to The Revlon Lip Butters, The Maybelline New Color Whispers Lipsticks feel much lighter on the lips than the Revlon Lip Butters, which comes down to their light weight gel formula. So if the Revlon Lip Butters felt too heavy on your lips, the Maybelline New Color Whispers lipstick is something you'll fall in love with immediately! 

The shade range of the Maybelline New Color Whispers lipstick is truly impressive. They are available in 20 shades that's right 20! The range varies from sheer to medium to full coverage. They have beautiful jewel-toned caps which display the color of the lipstick. 

Maybelline New Color Whispers Shades Available:

  • Made It Mauve
  • Mocha Muse
  • Orange Attitude Coral Ambition
  • Pin Up Peach
  • Rose Of Attraction
  • Cherry On Top
  • Who Wore It Red-er
  • Berry Ready
  • A Plum Prospect
  • Mad For Magenta
  • Faint For Fuchsia
  • Pink Possibilities
  • Oh La Lilac
  • Petal Rebel
  • Some Like it Taupe
  • Lust For Blush
  • Go Nude
  • Bare To Be Bold
  • One Size Fits Pearl

They vary dramatically in terms of pigmentation. The lighter shades like One Size Fits Pearl and Petal Rebel are quite sheer, the mid-tone shades like Who Wore It Red-er and Orange Attitude offer medium pigmentation and  the deeper shades like Berry Ready have offer full coverage; they also have a subtle fruity scent.

The Maybelline New Color Whispers Lipstick will glide onto the lips smoothly and whats more is that the color is build-able for any of the shades. Furthermore, they feel weightless on the lips thanks to the silicone gel base- not thick or tacky at all (as mentioned before). 

Maybelline New Color Whispers Lipstick Pros:
  • Offers a wide range of 20 shades
  • Does not feel heavy on the lips whatsoever, so it is very light weight and gel like in consistency.
  • Great sleek, color-coordinated packaging!
  • Adds the perfect amount of shine.
  • Is lightly moisturizing.
  • A light fruity scent. Not overpowering and cannot be smelt on the lips.
  • These are super build-able!
Maybelline New Color Whispers Lipstick: The packaging has the WOW Factor! 

The Maybelline New Color Whisper Lipstick comes in a sleek, translucent tube with  "Color Whisper" written on it. The color of the tube reflects the color of the product. They are sleeker and thinner than the Revlon Lip Butters. It should be noted that the Lip Butters tend to clump on the sides of the tube when you roll the product up and down. The Maybelline New Color Whisper Lipsticks aren't quite as soft as the Revlon Lip butters, so you can easily avoid this problem.

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