Thursday, 18 July 2013

Get Luscious Lashes: Tips for Applying Mascara

When shopping for mascara, it is important to know what look you’re after. Are your natural lashes curly, but need length? Are they long, but need thickness? Or are they short and straight and you want to curl, thicken and lengthen them? Don’t worry, because there is a formula out there that’s right for you! A key element to mascara is that the different mascara brushes are made to achieve different looks, so buy the right formula to get the look you desire and the brush will do the work.

Check out these expert tips from Christina Kazadzis, makeup artist and owner of Touch of Color Airbrush Makeup Artistry for applying mascara:

1. Do not pump the wand in and out. That only dries out the contents.

2. Regardless of how much you’ve used it, toss your mascara after three months of opening it because bacteria can grow.

3. Only wear waterproof mascara if you need to. Left over mascara particles can last on lashes for days even after you’ve washed it off.

4. When applying mascara, start at the base of your lash line and wiggle the wand as you coat the lashes from root to tip.

5. Reapplying a second coat is best done before the first coat dries to avoid clumps.

6. Want to add just a little more length? Reapply a second coat just on the tips to build out the length.

7. When applying on your bottom lashes, use the tip of the mascara brush, or buy a brand that has a mini brush to do the trick.

8. Using a lash comb is a great way to unclump your lashes.

9. Don’t be afraid of colored mascaras. The colors are meant to make eyes “pop” and are a great way to make a statement.

10. Buy an eyelash curler. Curling lashes before applying mascara opens up your eyes and really does make a difference.

As much as you might be tempted to, don’t scrape the wand against the opening of the tube. This just creates gunk that will clump when applied to your lashes. Use a tissue to wipe excess product off your mascara wand. When you want a more natural look for your lashes, pick formulas with descriptions like “tinted.” You can also use multiple mascara formulas at one time; sometimes it takes several products to get the look you seek. Lastly, try applying a bit of mascara primer to your lashes before adding color. Some have the primer on one end and the color on the other. A primer helps give you thick looking lashes and helps prevent clumping.

Celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman has worked with the likes of Jenna Fishcer, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Tilly, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler and is known for his ability to create fabulous eye looks. Here’s his secret to lush lashes: “Use short, brown individual faux eyelashes. The short lashes will fill out your natural lashes and give them a lighter and softer look, instead of long “tarantula eyes.” To apply, start on the outside, keeping the lashes toward the sides. If you go too far into the center the lashes will be too long. Add mascara and curl. Curling your lashes will allow them to blend together and get all in line. Fun and quick!”

Getting luscious lashes doesn’t have to be rocket science. Knowing what you want plays a big part in which formula you choose, and you might want to use more than one to get expert results. Now that you’re armed with these helpful mascara tips, long, luxurious lashes await you!