Monday, 29 July 2013

10 Top Most Common Makeup Mistakes That Women Do!

Makeup is one of the most important regimes of a woman. It makes a woman look beautiful and glamorous. But if the makeup is not applied properly or proper steps are not followed to apply makeup, it can be a disaster!
The following blog will help you get a better understanding of the application of a few makeup products. Also you will be surprised to read a few facts which were not know to you. Enjoy the blog!!
1.    Mismatched foundation
Foundation is a cosmetic product which is used to cover up the uneven complexion of the face and also cover the flaws on the face.
Most ladies think that the way to get perfect skin complexion is through foundations and hence they land up purchasing a foundation that does not match the skin tone.
Foundation is meant to be applied to highlight the area which has flaws or uneven skin tone. Too much foundation makes the face look aged and also separates the face from the neck when gives the face a caked-on effect.2.    
2.    Clumpy eyelashesClumpylashes
Mascara is applied to give a definition, length and thickness to the eyelashes. It makes the eyes look bigger and dramatic. But if it is applied improperly it makes the eyes look clumpy and messy.
The main reason for clumpy eyelashes is because of over use of mascara. Mascara should be applied not more than 2 coats.
Mascara is meant to last only for three- four months. Usage of old mascara also makes the eyelash look clumpy and messy.
3.    visible-lip-liner Extremely dark lip liner
lip liner is applied on the lips to firstly define the shape of the lips and prevent the lipstick from bleeding. The second use of lip liner is to make the lips look fuller and bigger.
The biggest mistake that women do with the lip liner is that they apply a liner which is way too dark from the lipstick that they are going to apply. A darker lip liner on a light shade of lipstick gives an odd ring around the mouth which does not look attractive.
4.     Over application of blushblunders
Too much blush makes the face look patchy and makes the cheek look too much of makeup.
Many women make this common mistake of applying the blush on the cheeks making the face look like a clown makeup.
The blush should always be applied from the apple of the cheeks to the hair line and ears.
5.     Too much eye shadowblack-eye-31
Too much eye shadow makes the eyes look frosty and it also hides the entire face under the eye shadow.
Women make the mistake of covering the entire eye lid with eye shadow. The eye shadow should be applied little under the eye brows and little on the eye lids.
6.     261Over plucked eyebrows
Eyebrows give definition to the entire face. They are the most essential part on the entire face. If done correctly, it brings balance to your face and makes the expression look more authentic.
If the eyebrows are done incorrectly or are over plucked, or thin or pointed; it makes the face look thin and make the person look older than they are.
7.     Smudge eyelinerSmudged-Eyeliner
Too much eye liner or very dark black eye liner makes the eyes look harsh and gives a wrong impression about the person. Harsh eye liner can be very distracting and also can make the eyes look smaller.
The mistake that women do is that they apply too much eyeliner without defining or knowing the type of their eyes.
Black eyeliner looks good during the night time but applying during the day time can look harsh and aggressive.
Eyeliner which blends with the color of the eye shadow looks great and defines the eyes in an effective manner.
8.     Obvious concealersbsg_concealer3
Concealers are used under the eyes is to hide dark circles, if applied properly under the eyes it lifts the eyes and make it look brighter and younger. It also helps in making the person look fresh by hiding those dark circles underneath the eyes. Similarly, concealers applied on the face helps to cover the spots, uneven patches etc.
But, many women tend to use a concealer whose shade is much lighter than their skin tone. It makes a white circle around the eyes and makes it look very obvious in normal light or photographs.
Another mistake is that applying a concealer on the face before a foundation. Concealer before the foundation is too much makeup and makes the face look separated from the neck.
 9.    unlending foundNot blending your makeup
This is one of the most common mistakes that women do is not to blend the makeup after applying it. If the makeup is not blended properly it makes the face look you are wearing a mask.
The makeup should not have visible or obvious lines. Makeup is applied to enhance the features of the face and hide the flaws and not by highlighting the obvious lines.
10.   Sleeping with makeup onrby-7-biggest-beauty-sins-sleeping-with-makeup-mdn
This might be the worst mistake you can make with your face. No matter how late it is or how tired you are, always take the time to remove your makeup before you go to bed.
Makeup clogs your pores, which prevents the pores to release sebum, which lets out dead skin cells and other dead skin or particles. When sebum is not released, it builds up and results in acne. Leaving your eye makeup on can be even worse. It can cause irritation, an allergic reaction, or even an infection.