Friday, 19 July 2013

How to Remove Mascara

Although using eye makeup and mascara enhances the eyes, failing to remove them leaves ugly stains that can make you look tired and unhealthy. With a variety of long-wearing mascaras available in the cosmetic industry, the challenge now is how to remove mascara to keep clean and young-looking eyes. Here are a few simple tips on how to remove mascara effectively:
  • Removing mascara tip no.1: Dip a cotton ball into skin oil or baby oil and dab at the remaining gunk all over your eye area.
  • Removing mascara tip no.2: Items that you can easily find in your kitchen, such as olive and canola oil, milk, and yogurt, are also effective in removing eye makeup.
  • Removing mascara tip no.3: Dry the eye area. Using your fingertips, dab petroleum jelly on your eyelids and massage it all over your lids. This is good for loosening up any remaining eye makeup residues.
  • Removing mascara tip no.4: Wipe it off with a clean cloth after a few minutes.
  • Removing mascara tip no.5: Get a good brand of eye makeup remover to combat hard-to-remove mascara. Usually, the brand that sells long-wearing mascara also carries products for removing them.
  • Removing mascara tip no.6: If you have delicate skin, be sure to buy and use only hypoallergenic skincare products and eye makeup removers.
  • Removing mascara tip no.7: Whatever type of eye makeup remover you may choose, make sure to use only cotton balls with them.
  • Removing mascara tip no.8: Remember not to use tissue because this dissolves into strands that can get into your eyes and cause irritation.
  • Removing mascara tip no.9: Finally, wash your face thoroughly using facial foam with a deep-cleansing to remove eye makeup completely.
Several skincare brands sell makeup cleansers and solutions for removing mascara. The key to getting the product most suitable for you is to determine your skin type. This will help you avoid irritations and eye infections, especially when removing mascara. Makeup removers, which include products for removing mascara, may come in cream, liquid, and oil variants.