As much as I love summer, I must confess that it is the one season where I commit the most beauty blunders. What can I say, maybe I’m so tired from a day of swimming that I accidentally forgot to wash my face before bed (oops!) or the heat makes me lazy. Either way, I’m really trying to make an effort this season, and here are a few things on my list — with some quick fixes. 
1. Acne
I don’t know about you, but my breakouts tend to happen in the warmer months. Whether it’s from sweating out in this Texas heat, reapplying makeup after sweating it all off multiple times throughout the day or forgetting to wash my face before bed, summer breakouts are the worst… there are just so many culprits! Simply be a little more mindful of everything that touches your face throughout the day. Keep your hands clean, wipe your sunglasses off (especially the areas that touch your face, like the bottoms of the frames and the bridge) and make sure you’re cleaning your brushes and sponges especially well.
2. Heat-damaged hair
It doesn’t take too much for my hair to become a little damaged over the summer. Just a simple visit to the pool and a fishtail braid later, and I am stuck at home with a deep-conditioning mask before I know it. Since it’s already hot outside, why not skip all of part of your heat-styling routine? If that is simply not an option for you, dry your hair in another room of your place besides the bathroom — getting out of a humid and/or steam-filled room will help your hair dry faster. If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle a bit to keep cool this summer, try some new summer updos or perfect the one that’s currently in your rotation.
3. Melty makeup
We’ve been brainstorming melt-proof makeup all season with recommendations and tips on how to keep your makeup looking good this season. If your skin is normal-to-dry and you’re looking for a fabulous summer glow, try this balm!
4. Smelly shoes
Okay, I know this is a little gross, Lovelies, but during the summer, my trusty pair of canvas sneakers can get a little stinky. Save your shoes by sprinkling baking soda in them the night before you wear them, and then hitting them together the next day to get rid of all of the excess powder. You can also place them in large Ziploc bags and freeze them in the freezer — the cold should kill the bacteria and fungus causing the odor. [via WikiHow]
What are some of your summer beauty blunders? Any more tips on how to prevent these?