Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Applying Eyeshadow

While there are rigid rules when it comes to foundations, it is with your eye color that you can allow your creative side to take flight.

Your eyes are the focal point of your face. Be sure that your eye makeup techniques and choice of colors are most flattering to your eye shape and color.
With eye color you can create the illusion of new shapes and sizes. Always keep in mind that light colors highlight and dark colors shrink or recede.

Powder eyeshadows come in singles or color coordinated duos, trios or quads. Try to find eye shadows that are highly pigmented. Simply put, you want the shade you see in the container to be the color you see on your eyes.

When applying eyeshadow sweep the lightest shade over the entire area from lash line to brow. This shade will be your base color and is to your eye, what your foundation is to your face. It will hold your color and prevent creasing.

After applying your base color, apply a medium shade on the lower lid. This is the part of the eye that most women apply eyeshadow. Blend into your base shade.
A third color can then be added. Use a deep, dark shade to create depth. Apply this shade along the lash line, and at the outer corner of the eye, emphasizing the crease of the eye and brow bone. Blend well. This is your accent shade and when used can create a more defined eye.

How you apply this contour shade can help eyes look bigger, smaller, wider set or closer together. The key is to blend so well that attention is still drawn to your eye, not your eye makeup.

For eye shadow that looks “just applied” for hours, first, base your eyelid with a neutral concealer which closely matches your natural skin tone. Next, apply a neutral shade of eye shadow or a color nearest your skin color over the concealer. The process of the powder adhering to the cream will create a smudge resistant base for your eye shadow. It will last forever.

Really high quality powder eyeshadows such as Sacha's color-rich eye shadows can be used wet or dry. Dampen your brush or applicator and create your own liquid eyeliner in any of Sacha’s vibrant colors. Wet application of these eyeshadows serves to intensify the color.

Cream eyeshadows are the newest kids on the block. Avoid formulations that crease upon application. These cream eyeshadows can be coordinated with your powder shadows. A cream eyeshadow can be used as an under base with a matching powder shadow as a sealant. The best applicators for any cream eye shadow are your fingertips.

For extra glamour, use an iridescent powder to highlight your eyes. This makes it possible to transform your day makeup into a glamorous night look.