Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Must Have Beauty Products For 2013

Say hello to the newest release must have beauty products of 2013. Discover the newest and   most impressing beauty products on the market so far and what makes them outshine their competition. From dazzling nail polish to the best skincare products that your cosmetics bag just simply cannot do without. 

New Release Must Have Beauty Products: 

Good things come in small packages, these limited edition lip balms are clinically proven making lips feel 80% less dry,70% more supple leaving lips feeling softer, smoother and kissable. They even give you hint of color and last between 7-8 hours!

Urban Decay All In One BB Cream

This five in one formula packs a punch when it comes to skincare, minimizing wrinkles, pores, lines and redness. It also offers firmer more lifted skin after around 6-8 weeks of use. If you like the idea of cutting your morning makeup routine in half, then this is the right skincare product for you. Although it's Urban Decay's first bb cream it's already very well known in the U.S as the MUST HAVE product of the year which is why it's on top of our list as one of the best skincare buys of the year.

OPI Mariah Carey liquid sand adds sparkle with a pebble finish to your finger nails but at the same time gives nails a matte and textured feel, together it gives you a look that cant be beaten by any other! which is why it should be included in your beauty supply right away! They come in 8 different shades and remember they are LIMITED EDITION so they wont be around for long!

A must have skincare product and it could be the most important thing you'll apply each day by far and is rumored to be the best skincare product in the market at the moment. It boats to be the most successful source of anti oxidants which means it repels signs of ageing, dullness and lines with absolute ease leaving skin feeling softer, smoother and most importantly rejuvenated another plus point ITS OIL FREE!

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow

Is a must add to your makeup bag this summer, this smooth gliding pen delivers a hard wearing  shadow that highlights eyes with radiant color. They are the most colorful collection by Chanel so far and are limited edition so stock up.